Irrigation Land O' Lakes & Tampa, FL

Save Money and Water With an Irrigation System

3 benefits of an irrigation system in Land-O-Lakes, Tampa & Clearwater, FL

If you're looking for a simple way to water your lawn, flower beds and plants, you're going to love the irrigation & sprinkler systems we can install for you. Our irrigation systems can:

1.Keep your lawn healthy all year long
2.Control the amount of water you use
3.Program when your plants get watered

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Check out our variety of irrigation systems in Land-O-Lakes, Tampa & Clearwater, FL

You can choose from a wide selection of irrigation systems and sprinklers for your property. Our landscapers can help you narrow your search based on your budget, land size and the type of technology you're looking for. We carry everything from simple models to the most state-of-the-art irrigation technology.

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We'll Fix & Service Your Sprinklers

Even if we didn't install them

Do you have an old sprinkler or irrigation system that isn't working properly? Maybe your sprinkler head has broken off and is shooting water straight up in the air. We can fix it!

Let us come out and inspect your sprinkler system, even if we didn't install it. We can provide you with an estimate to fix it, and many times, fix it right on the spot. Don't waste water or risk causing water damage with flooding from irrigation systems. Call I Care Lawn Care to come fix your irrigation system today!